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This is not happening now....we may revive parts of it at some point.
This is a break out of the discussions at http://piratepad.net/mefetc (please click on it just to keep it going...they die after 30 days)
To understand this document, in its current state, you really need to read through the chat on the right. It isn't particularly long. Additionally, reading the other piratepad (linked above) wouldn't hurt.
Musicians for 1st quarter (Scheduled release date: March 21, 2014):
  • Lorenzo's Music (Tom) (received)
  • Dead Unicorn (received)
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs (received)
  • Lame Drivers (Jason Sigal) (received)
Tentative musicians for second quarter (Scheduled release date: June 20, 2014 / Requirements due date: June 1, 2014):
  • Crete Boom (you can read Seo's comments in the chat on the right)
  • Tryad (Andrew)
  • Orphan Songs (Carl-Otto; the song: 'Into the Monster's Arms') (received)
  • Freak Fandango (Jurgen)
Tentative musicians for third quarter (Scheduled release date: October 3, 2014 / Requirements due date: September 1, 2014):
  • Josh Woodward (Chris contacted) 
  • Lee Rosevere (in)
  • Dan Lynch (waiting on response)
Tentative musicians for fourth quarter (Scheduled release date: December 19, 2014 / Requirements due date: December 1, 2014):
  • Jessica's brother (been working with for a while...will be his first CC release)
  • David Rovics (email is in draft)
  • Wayne Myers (of Fit and the Conniptions) (in)
  • BOPD (double-checked)
Other artists to ask if people drop out/don't respond
  • MMO (another Chris suggestion)
  • I Am Not Lefthanded
  • Kevin MacLeod
  • Azoora 
  • The Neologist
  • Orxata Sound System
  • Learning Music Monthly
  • Heifervescent
  • Girl Talk
Organizations that might want to promote this/get involved:
  • Free Music Archive
  • Jamendo
  • Dogmazic (maybe more ideologically alligned with us than Jamendo...just guessing based on Chris' free culture ties)
  • CC US (newly minted, so might be looking for some publicity themselves)
  • Association of Music Podcasting (they don't do just CC, but they do some CC)
  • CChits.net
  • Ryno The Bearded / No Agenda
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