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"Hello, Paul,
I heard rumors to that effect last August (2016). I had already been in contact with Kevin Slaughter through my friend Trevor Blake and had gone a long way in the publication process. So I wrote Slaughter a 4-page typewritten (about the equivalent of a 10-page handwritten in my hand-writing letter), questioning him about it and making clear what I think. His response (nearly as long as mine) made it very clear (in very plain language) that he is not a white nationalist or any sort of fascist. He is also not an anarchist, largely because most of the anarchists he has met (on the east coast) are judgmental moralists. Since I have met plenty of those, I understand where he's coming from there. He is basically a darker more pessimistic version of Michael Hoy of Loompanics... My introduction to the translation makes my attitude on any sort of racialist bullshit clear, and if Kevin Slaughter was what certain leftist witch hunters are claiming, I doubt he would have wanted to publish that.... But witch hunters and inquisitors will be witch hunters and inquisitors. And since fascism is an inherently collectivist perspective (combining aspects of nationalism, socialism and syndicalism), I think the best response to those trying to connect egoism, individualism and a post-left anarchist perspective to it is contemptuous mockery combined with pointed exposes of what fascism actually is and its historical connections precisely to the authoritarian left.... But, of course, that involve making real arguments, not just throwing out accusations. As you probably know, I do not do social media, because I do not see any genuine communication happening there, just precisely the sort of thing that fits with witch-hunting (and advertising of one's self as the "good guy").
All the best,