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 Things to do today:
1) Hack the GM tube to connect to arduino - James
Useful blog entry
http://blog.buildinginternetofthings.com/2012/how to teste geiger counter05/13/my-heart-rate-on-the-cosm-cloud/
James's Skype name: pingu_98
Timing constant:
The resolution is 0.000212 Seconds
  OLD Procedure: take 10,000 off the maximum value for the counts when it resets
  New procedure = take tag number and multiply by 0.000212 to convert to seconds, add to GPS baseline
Pirate pad for our presentation!
http://piratepad.how to teste geiger counternet/ep/pad/how to teste geiger counterhow to teste geiger counterhow to teste geiger counterhow to teste geiger counterviehow to teste geiger counterw/ro.ceyXt0XUSUu/latest
Pirate pad for the code
Github repo for the android app: https://github.com/jussy/cern-webfest.git
1) Get the NMEA codes out of the Android/display the 'realtime' on screen Acheived at 12:00 on Saturday :)
Note: we have the event data in (roughly) ERGO format. We use the timestamp from the GPGGA NMEA sentence, and the date from the Android libraries. We still need to correct for the time offset, though (low priority IMO)
2) Get the android to locate via the GPS API. < yes we will need the gps api to do localisation! (Did we do this already?) <- we did this
3) programme the arduino to send the signals and run the timing loop <- Timing loop and coms done. To write - test loop to send a dummy signal to Android - DONE! Currently responds to a button press
4) Set up a nice little MySQL cosm server hook up:
Username devine.jd@googlemail.com
Password: CosmicR8y
Feed ID: 70098
        {"id":"0", "current_value":"100"}
Bits of both:
1) Send a packet with the local timebase from the Arduino to the android and display it on screen -> - Get the Arduino and Android to actually talk Achieved Circa 11PM on Friday!
Hardware that we have:
Samsung Galaxy Mini running 2.3.4 Gingerbread
HTC Desire with 2.3.7, running a custom rom (Oxygen)
HTC phone running 2.3.7 Cyanogenmod something or other...
3) ???
4) Profit make it closed source and sell it for money!
Why are you using a GM tube for particle detection - not anything cheaper (or more accurate/fancy/whatever). Because we have a GM tube and the platform should be (in effect) detector agnostic. 
Is it portable? No. THe usage model is to put it near a window (that can see the sky) and leave it there....
If we put a laser on the phone we can solve this problem
Arduino ADB method (another way of accessing the ADK)
Seeeduino ADK shield - lots of good stuff
The ADB library for Arduino
Android Processing connecting to Arduino