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Summary 30 of July meeting in Mumble
1.   To organize a joint mobilization against Global Debt that combines the   different struggles against budget cuts, privatization, nationalizing   banks, etc. The event would end at the EU headquarters in Madrid. It   will work for either joint mobilization, at least, Italy, Greece,   Portugal and Ireland. We invite people from the PIIGS countries to form  a  working group to promote this action. Proposal from Madrid politicainternacional15m@gmail.com and manifestacion.ue@lists.takethesquare.net   . The idea is that people from Spain, Italy, Greece and other  countries  gather for international coordination at the next meeting on  18 August.  After this agenda item we will also discuss other  international events  and summits that are listed in this pad http://titanpad.com/listofsummits2012 (Gloabl actions from our comrades in the US and Canda and the Education global strike also included there)
2. To Hold a Mumble Meeting for ANTI-war and disarmament on September 29 at round tables and assemblies / OPEN SPACE at 20:00 h occupytalk.org mumble server. We kindly invite people from the US and Moscow in order to join forces.
3. We agreed to recommend (as a suggestion, not an imposition) for October:
  October 13th as the global day of action in a framework of a week of actions that would begin on
  October 12th the day of the indigenous peoples and continues with the timetable (up to each assembly to decide)
 The  global casserolade #GlobalNoise would also be in October 13 (for those  assemblies who choose this as the Global Day of action)
  It is also proposed to include in the week of actions, the week against   the debt and for a comprehensive audit on the anniversary of murder of  Thomas Shankara (15O)
4.   At the meeting we discussed the importance of participation in the two   European events (European Meeting in Madrid Agorà 99% and social forum   in Florence 8/11 November)
A pad has been opened to collect proposals http://titanpad.com/4jprEmuljb that two people will take to Milan in the Forum preparatory meeting in Milano (14-16 September)