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Current time in London: ~3:30am/03:30 THURS        2012-08-16 T03:43
Current time in Ecuador: 9:35pm/21:35 WED            2012-08-15 T21:43
Countdown for Ecuador's answer to Assange's asylum: 9 hrs
  • 2 police vans in side street outside Ecuadorian Embassy and 2 more cops enter embassy.
  • Police have peacefully entered the embassy? Allowed in by Ecuadorian officials?
  • alburyj said they have been peaceable getting into and out of the embassy around 3am.
  • Crowd of Wikileaks supporters? (10-15 people) outside Embassy
  • Ecuador to announce official decision on Assange asylum at 9am, Qutio Ecuador Time  (UTC-5)
  • Presumed supporters blocking the road that van parked in alley next to embassy would need to exit from
  • Police state Assange is not in "police carriers" (Vans)
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Possible Outcomes?
1) Raided by british 
History examples :
  • Soviet dissidents taking refuge in U.S. embassies for years.
2) A conditional exchange.
  • Raid
  • Ecuador Rejects asylum.
3) Everybody goes home