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Welcome to the Climate Adaptation Challenge! 
Satellite data is helping us understand our environment and how it is changing. This data is used to build climate models that help us predict what the local conditions will be in the future. Large infrastructure projects take many years to design and build, and become an integral part of our society for a long time, but how do they adapt to changing conditions? How can designers and engineers embed climate models into their design process? How can they include the community and the residents in the on-going decision making process?
Next group thing will be xx. (Looking for this sort of thing, or next team meeting)
Climate Adaptation Resources:
Bureau of Meteorology Datasets
Australia's climate change datasets, includes daily temperatures and rainfall for approximately 100 years.
Energy Plus Weather data for Australia, please read license conditions in source files.
Geoscience Australia Datasets
General Resources/Links:
Some apps and programs that we like!
Processing is an open source language developed primarily for visualisation.
Sencha Touch JavaScript framework for building mobile sites and apps.  (GPLv3 Version recommended.)
Open Street Map
Tilemill is an open source design tool to makes maps with Carto, a CSS-like styling language.
General Data Vis Tools and Apps
Relevant links and reminder of tags
  • Recorded video
  • Interviews with people
  • Formal talks
  • Explanations and tutorials from team
  • Link to github
Notes for problem and solutions
  • Relevant dataset link and description
  • Tried this, didn't work, trying this instead
  • So and so is working on this aspect
There are teams in these cities working on this:
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