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                    CONNECT TO I2P2 and to IRC channel #aaa and #anonops
 if you are still running corporate capitalist windows OS then go here and 
 download your binary and install it.. leave it all defaults and select it so
 i2p2 starts everytime you start your computer.
now if you run linux like any antisystem/anarchist that apreciated a new world and cooperative/communal sharing follow up below:
for UBUNTU 11.10 or 10.X
if you have no idea of i2p2,ubuntu,irc I recomend you try this first:
to install this you need to download git
sudo apt-get install git
git clone git://github.com/NetAnarchisT/RunI2p2.sh.git
cd RunI2p2/
and run ./RunI2p2.sh
every week or so enter RunI2P2/ and run
git pull 
that to check for updates on the script
if you installed everything with the script copy it somewhere and use it to enter
the i2p2 network/IRC everytime you want, use it as an icon on KDE/Gnome etc.
************* more here related to the script  above ********
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get -y install i2p
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow i2p
    when on the ncurses menu add i2p2 to as a daemon so starts everytime you start the computer, remember i2p2 is a peer to peer darknet so the longer is on the faster it gets like torrents...
    I personally like kvirc but you can use whatever IRC client you like xchat, etc.
    sudo apt-get install kvirc
    then run:
    kvirc irc://localhost:6668/aaa
    or run kvirc and add the server port 6668 
    and to auto enter channel #aaa and #anonops
    ************* here more to configure your browser to use .i2p sites *********************
You can find us on i2p2-IRC channel #aaa 
also on the diaspora network: netanarchist@redblack.me
join a diaspora POD, I recommend https://redblack.me is run by a anarcho-hacker
for help on diaspora:
more INFO about I2p2 PLEASE READ!!
if you keep getting disconnected:
[15:20:24] <LiberSoc> you may need to twick your settings a bit
[15:28:04] <LiberSoc> let me see what I can find
[15:30:11] <LiberSoc> go to: http://localhost:7657/i2ptunnel/edit?tunnel=1  thats your IRC tunnel options
[15:30:30] <LiberSoc> at the end it says Advanced options or something like that I have it in spanish..
[15:31:10] <LiberSoc> and you have tunnel options and it allows you to enter how many hops you want.. the more the more anonymous the less the less of course but depending on your router/ISP/bandwith you havce to play with this
[15:31:26] <LiberSoc> just make sure you copy the config file or something as a backup
[15:31:52] <LiberSoc> sudo cp -r /etc/i2p /etc/i2p.bk
somehow related info: but outdated to old anon servers go to the i2p2 section:
Advanced IRC Commands
1) /join
Self explanatory, this is used to join a channel, to join #aaa  , you would type /join #aaa
or join #anonops
2) /me
Not really as necessary, but used sometimes. for instance if you wanted to wave at someone, you would type /me waves it would appear as “anon waves”
3) /msg
if you want to have a conversation with a specific person outside of the channel the best thing to do is message them, just type /msg username message here. just make sure to use a space between their name and the message.
4) /query
Same thing as msg, except this will open up a new window for you to have a conversation with this person.
5) /nick
This command will change your nickname for instance if you wanted to be called gigapuddi you’d type /nick gigapuddi. Remember though if you do this you won’t be registered unless you re-register with nickserv (see the walkthrough to anon if you dont know what nickserv is, or want help with it)
6) /quit
This will let you quit.
7) /ignore
Trolls are plenty, and it’s best not to feed them, and just ignore them. To ignore someone type /ignore username
8) /whois
This will display information about the person you selected, such as their vhost, what channels they’re in ect. to find a whois just type/whois username
9) /away
To mark yourself away, you can use this, if you were persay making a sandwich, you could do /away making sammiches and people will know you’re making sandwiches.
10) /ping
This is to see the latency to the server, if you’re lagging this might give you more information, to ping a server just type /ping ipadresshere
11) /notify on/off
This will change if you get a notification (a beep sound) whenever someone types your name. to turn off /notify off to turn on do /notify on
12) /topic
If you want to see a topic in a certain channel just type /topic and it will read it out to you.
13) /list
Lists the channels that are available to you.