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Okay, so this is apparently updated as and when I type. This will be perfect for a live thing, then I can copy paste it somewhere more permanent. This is my first report, as this is my first 'true?' psycadelic. I'll be honest, I'm a little anxious. Slight raised BPM. going to takedeep breaths and dose in just a mo. It might also be worth noting I had a small bit of amphetamine 4 hours prior to help me tidy the flat. I did a good job, uncovered about 12 lighters.
20MG 2-CB Oral
-04:00 - Amphetamine/Speed Insufflated
Mostly off the effects of this now, but just adding it as it might be relevant. (sp?)
"It's pretty much agreed on that adding amphetamines to a psychedelic cocktail generally results in increased anxiety, body load, and all the yucky stuff most of us wish psychedelics didn't have in the first place."
Could be fun...?
+00:00 (22:20) Aiight - enough delaying. Maybe a bit more delaying. going to dose then watch a bit of MLP to reduce my anxiety a bit :)
Still nothing as of yet, I'll update as soon as I feel the first signs of 'Somthing up'.
Feeling Warm? Certainly more relaxed than I was before I dosed. Might just be the nice (Read: Lovely people that are amoung my best friends) people on tinychat calming me down. (http://tinychat.com/britsorgtfo) 
browsing reddit. Waiting for somthing to happen. ololo. Stan Lee is doing on IAMA!
+00:22 Apparently I look kinda red, I do feel a bit flushed. My stomache feels very warm, like, almost 'One shot of whiskey' warm. 
GOING FOR... a ... what was I going to do? I dont need to urinate? I swear I was going to get up and do somthing, but I have no idea what. 
 Going with my flatmate to have a smoke in the bathroom. I don't smoke, I'm just going with him for a chat. BRB!
+00:41 first wave of somthing amiss. Not sure what, will expand when I know. BRB bathroom!
Had a wonderful conversation regarding water direction on different sides of the equator. Now going to call an aussie friend to see which way there water goes down.
Confirmed! There water goes down anticlockwise and ours goes down clockwise! This is really facinating me now for some reason.
Times a bit weird, not even sure If im fucking recording this right, has it been 40 minutes or 50 minutes? Who the fuck cares!
Bit of visuals? Head feels a bit tingly. Flat mate is going to show me how to solve a rubix cube!
Alright... Must be about 50 Minutes in right now?
An hour?
My flatmate is manipulating this rubix cube next to me and the only thing tearing me away is the fact I have to keep this updated.
Visuals are definately present. My keys keep moving.  Back to the rubix cube. This shit is really intense.
Exactly an hour after dosing!
How do I describe, everythings shifting, melting every which fucking waying. I'm totally okay with it though. 
Viuals getting more LIGHT
Shit keeps fucking shifting. Man whoa wat.
Mood is alright. Im okay with this as I know exactly what is going on.  wat. Im trying to read this back and its not making any sense. Maybe buttons stop  Derp.
This is fucking far out. 
Rocky bar! Mmm Chocolate. I believe there to be one fly, flying around. but im interpreting there to be more than one. Music time!
I know exactly what this needs. MILKDROP. I still appear to be coming up?
Im glad I did this before LSD - This has at least prepped me for what i might about to be fuck typing. How does my friend do it so well? Years of practise typing through these eyes. Now I understand I understand his smile, why! This is just rad.
Music and some CEVs me thinks! Im having far too much fun just staring at things. Typical psycadelic visuals I guess, But Im not fucking used to them man. First time. This is fucking interesting.
My senses are intermingling.  theres a definate lag in my eyesight. Trails from any kind of movement, wether it be in my eye.
I think I can feel win, but no windows are open... I closed them because of moths. theres alot of moths up there. Little ones. 
Whoa.Lets see if I can gather myself up a bit here. Earlier, my friend rang and while on the phone to him I was just awesomed by the things flying around the light.
Its probably not the best time to be writing a trip report.
Or the best time?
Im told to just have fun, and thats what I intend to do. this is unlike anything I have ever experienced. My mind keeps wanting to go in all directions, but WE LOVE YOU LOU
whoa what how the fuck did you do that I thought this was read only?
We've always been able to do this.
Are you in my mind?
We hope you know that we love you.
And that the universe is kind.
haha. All my senses are just fucking with me right now. 
Your senses aren't so kind.
Yeah. if you keep this up people in TC ill be able to have a convo with this pirate pad and yall can just fuck off. this is new tc right here. in my MIINNDDD
dl wi/t
I cant do anymore. Im just getting lost in it now. 
I can fully understand now, the expression which is on the faces of those under the influence of psycadelics. its just a mixture of wonder, amazement confusion. Of everything that is going on. its far too much to take in.
I have been told to draw. Lets see! I cant fucking gather my thoughts because everythings just doing what the fuck it wants. Fuck physics.