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272     138     341     131     151
366     199     130     320     18
226     245     91      245     226
18      320     130     199     366
151     131     341     138     272
Task: filter out the wordlist to only potential words. For example "negro" is very probably not going to be in the runes but is a matchin in the wordlis.
Latin words and derivatives = bonus points.
Please preserve formatting - word, word, word (don't miss spaces or commas) for easier machine processing later on.
Bold means solved - do not fill.
PiratePad is weak and doesn't like many connections. If you're just lingering - disconnect please. The list will be published soon. Thank you.
272: awed, beacons, blooms, burgeoning, chaining, clad, clamor, conceits, concentric, crucible, culling, doubts, encode, epithet, involute, involution, phonetic, precursors, purifying, recurred, sevens, single, suffused, sulphurous, tactic, unequal, utopias, victories, viscera, wronged
138: shown, overrun, figure, when, sufix, phonon, servo, orgy, gyro, eros, unlock, torpor, suffer, forgive, agog, cookie, fouls, bog, zoom, zero, choirs, em, eunuch, gobs, gory, hoar, iffy
341: shadows
131: truths, governs, figure, prove, augur, thinks
151: bit, civil, covers, full, hurry, inform, monic, nicer, nothing, provoke, running, score, truer, vies, vivid, wings, worry, worthier, thorougher
366: aethereal
199: buffers
130: void
320: carnal
18/81: or, rev, rue, group, chunk
226: aurora, cell, files, obscurer, opuses, recurring, converging, copious, corundum, cracking, culvert, ensign, forthcoming, freeing, hymn, impure, intern, numinous, nurturing, omnivore, opcode, oxonian, poweringpowering, proofed, rand, remove, sphinx, strict, taurus, tags, tenors, toxins, umpire, tremor, volcano, vulvas
245: obscura
91: form
245: obscura,  holds, archae, archive, codify, continuum, erred, fall, fluxes, fooled, graves, ileum, illogic, improving, merging, nodes, posthumous, producing, quenching, revivify, sects, service, theses, unfaithful, veridic
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266: mobius
320: analog
130: void
199: mournful
366: aethereal
341: cabal
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