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The Kohr-Ah Collective
public landing pad
  • Playstyle: Ambitious
  • Language: English
  • Timezone: All welcome
The Kohr-Ah are a newly-formed experimental merc corp for ambitious people with no time to fool around. Prior proficiency in the game is explicitly not required for membership. In fact, the collective prides itself on training. New Initiates are lead by the most experienced members. A simple system of ranks is defined that guides individuals through positions of progressively higher experience.
The organization is designed to be flexible and resilient to failure of individual components.
Currently soliciting initial members!
See below for public contact points and links to more information.
  • Voice: Meet in Dropship 13 on NGNG TS3
  • voip01.n1585.hypernia.net:9992, pw "mechwarrior"
Message Kohr Ah Initializer on mwomercs.com.