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Day 1: The Dilly Dally to The Bedazzling Pebble: Diamond
On the initial day of my dilly dally to diamond I needed not just my infinitely enlightened noggin, the inconceivable might of my unconquerable muscles, the rapidity of my legs seeming close to the speed of missiles, but also the guidance of a cherished chum. I was mutating my loyalties, much like a drone to a spawning pool would, from the nefarious Protoss to the seductive Zerg, and needed guidance from an almighty competitor. This is a fellow who was not only a good friend, but the mostest tremendousest Starcraft 2 player I know in "real life" (or "IRL" for you basement boy'o's). I lured him round to my sanctuary in exchange for a magnificent beverage of which he treasures greatly: Monster Energy Drink. During his four hour visit, he taught me something invaluable. He taught me something I would never forget.
He taught me that strategy was not a decisive factor in silver league, and whether you are the conquerer or the defiled depends not on whether you replicate Stephano's ZvT or not, but on whether you manage to spend your moolah correctly. He taught me how to spend my moolah, how I must never get supply blocked, never miss a larvae inject and never, FUCKING EVER, have idle larvae. He said that as long as I did this one build to a T I would never lose to anyone below Platinum: The awe-inspiring one base roach all-in.
Buckle up comrades - Day 2 is coming tomorrow.