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The advance for the pub:                 400 RON (Payed by Eugen)
Wiskey at the pub:                        160 RON (Payed by Eugen)
The food at the pub:                       300 RON (Payed by Eugen)
The remaining money for the pub:    250 RON (Payed by Aurel)
The UBER ride to Club Maya:         15 RON (Payed by Eugen)
The UBER ride from Club Maya:       70 RON (Payed by Eugen)
The exorbitant costs of Club Maya:  1630 RON (Payed by many, 30 RON tip)
TOTAL COSTS:                    2795 RON
Breakdown of Club Maya payment
Horia payed 500 RON (needs to be returned).
Eugen payed 500 RON.
Loz payed 230 RON.
Joao payed 300 RON.
Aurel payed 100 RON.
Eugen:            1545 RON
Horia:              500 RON (needs to be returned)
Loz:                230 RON
Joao:               300 RON
Aurel:              100 RON. *
*:   While Aurel only payed 100 RON, he left early and he also payed 
the two girls next to Horia to give him better service.
Everyone else got suckered into buying the girls drinks as well as our own 
and I'm pretty sure we got scammed a little, but nobody was sober enough to realize.
**:    Please don't share this document with Horia. He'd just feel bad about how much we spent.