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ELEMENTALS: Pawns and Pieces
Thump thump thump. The rapid sounds of footsteps were all that could be heard upon the dim London rooftops, the very birthplace of the original four. A soft mist spread itself evenly throughout the darkened city, the slightest hint of light present in the air from the barely dawning sun.
"Here we go." A woman whispers beneath her breath, a silent leap forward pressing itself from her legs. A quiet huff of heavy breath uncontrollably released itself from the woman's lungs, her body throwing itself across the building ledge.
A startling 'crack' sound emerged as the concrete and cement smashed beneath the woman's feet, her jump ending in a roll across the second building roof. The winds began to grow fiercer as the woman stood up, admiring the several story view.
"Limey!" The woman growls, an electrical bolt firing through the air and burning into her shoulder. Across the building she stood on was a man, his finger tips crackling with dart-like electrical surges. Charging another blast, the man fired another electric bolt toward the woman.
Quickly, the woman's forearms draw forward cement from the building's roof and cover themselves with it, her hands becoming coated in massive, spiked earth clubs on each arm. The electric bolt zaps forward just as the woman forms these, and she quickly smashes one into the bolt to disperse its energy.
"This territory is governed by the Natural Alliance. Leave now!" The woman shouts toward the electric elemental, a smug sense of satisfaction flooding her body as she realized she was right to patrol at this hour.
"Was governed. The power plant within this section will prove more useful to the Storm Coalition." The man replies, firing two more darts toward the woman.
The woman quickly slams her arm into one of the bolts, the second one flying straight past her attempts to block it and zapping into her thigh. "Ergghahgh!" The woman groans, her entire leg being enveloped in seizures and spasms.
"Surprise!" The man chuckles, having snuck behind the woman during the short moments she was focused on blocking his darts. "And happy birthday!" The man jokes, a psychotic smile plastered on his face as his fingertips crackle with more electric darts.
Thwish... Thwick.
The man slowly looks down as his hands stop crackling, an arrow precisely lodged between his ribs and stomach. Stumbling backwards and turning around, his horrified expression is only met with another arrow.
And another.
And another.
And another.
The man quickly stumbles around for a few moments, blood gushing out of every wound, before finally collapsing off the building roof and falling to the streets below. His body lands with a crash as it hits a car parked below the building, a ringing alarm flooding the block.
"I can't leave you alone for five minutes, can I?" An archer woman laughs, her outline obscured by the newly rising sun. The wind furls around as she fires off another arrow, the air currents controlling its flight to fire back into her quiver.
"Took you long enough. Now come and help me up, we better go tell the others to be on high alert." 
[One year earlier.]
The waves of the pacific crashed gently agaist the shoreline, boats and sealife thriving. The day was crisp and bright, no doubt the work of a combination of Fire and Air, and even the mostly unwanted species of humanity was tolerable.
"Bring it in, boys!" A burly dockworker shouted, directing a huge crane to release a large, red shipping crate onto the shore. Quickly, several other workers popped the crate open, and began to dump barrel after barrel of toxic coal byproduct into the sea.
Water growled at humanity's desecration of his waters, his growl coming off as fiercer waves crashing down into the shore. 'Coal...' He thought, wondering what the signficance of it could mean, before coming to a startling realization.
The rural farms of the countryside dotted across acres of fresh plant and soil. Earth was content with anything that didn't harm him, and Nature was content so long as she could add her own creative touch to most of everything belonging to her father.
The humans, at least to Earth, were no bother except for those who choose to mine out the earth. Nature had a controversial view point on humans, however...
"Hm." Nature thought aloud, looking at the many humans planting corn. She knew the farmers, at least, were very helpful to expand her influence. But the lumberjacks, oil drillers, construction workers, and pretty much anyone save for the amish were ungrateful resource gluttons to her. Even the farmers used harmful pesticides that often times did more harm than good to her plants.
But she did value them, at the very least, as animals. Failed, gluttonous animals, but animals nonetheless. To follow in her father's footsteps, she insisted she would never harm humans, no matter how much harm they did... This insistence, however, would often cross her mind as idiotic.
Suddenly, a whirling vortex of wind scraped across the farmland, killing farmers, crops, and stone alike.
"AIR!" Nature shouted, a burning fury lingering in her heart.
"FIRE, COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!" Water yelled, forming himself a humanoid form within the orbit of the planet.
"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Fire groaned, sleepily floating out from the earth's core and forming herself an equally human body as Water.
"Coal?! Really? You let them dump COAL in my ocean?!" Water said with a sneer, crossing his arms in a mix of disgust and anticipation for an apology and a good excuse. His aquamarine body rippled every now and then, slender and form-moving like a gentle wave. A darker blue vest wrapped around his torso, composed of denser deep sea water rather than the cooler and lighter water the rest of his form is composed of.
"What? It's not like I dumped it." Fire replied, her own form amber, feminine, and short. Every few moments, her body would wave and flicker like an untamed wildfire. Her hair stood up.and back in a massive hybridization of a bun and ponytail, its color being that of a deep red flame of that of an inferno.
"But you didn't bother stopping them?!"
"I was asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. And besides, coal burning doesn't exactly hurt me." Fire laughed at the end of her sentance, extending out her hand in a prudish manner and flicking a flame in her thumb on and off out of boredom.
A low pitched groan emitted from the earth as an earthen form emerged from the recesses of a chasm embedded into a sparse territory not far from the destination of Fire and Water. The element's voice, condensing into a dull roar, rumbled, causing the entire place to shudder and tremble. Another figure clambered to the elemental's side, heavily disgruntled and exasperated.
"Air! Come out right now you big... you big meany!" Nature yelled in an annoyingly high-pitched voice, her form green with the occasional thorn, and her face visibly flustered. Some patches of moss flourished abundantly on her 'skin'. Shorter than Fire, her form was more akin to that of a young girl than a full fledged element
The weathered earth comprising the surface of the other elemental shifted occasionally as he flexed his joints as if he had been slumbering. "My child is discomforted." the elemental spoke with a tinge of wisdom in his deep, churning, and ancient-sounding voice. "She wishes for you two to cease your quarreling. It is polluting her dominion...And she wishes for the destruction not to also encompass it."
"Uh, can't you see we're in the middle of something? Water here was just telling me how I should control humanity somehow because I'm obviously at fault for what they choose to do with coal, right Water?" Fire but in, a noticeable tone of sarcasm and passive agressiveness in her voice.
"They're harming Air just as much, Fire. You should know that." Water gritted his teeth and spoke through a barely open mouth, stressed and angry at Fire's reluctance and noncommital attitude.
At the very mention of Air's filthy, foul name, Earth cringed. Reluctant and slightly disgusted, but still determined, Earth shut his heavy eyelids and let out a loud bellow. Quickly, clouds on the planet dispersed, agitating Air and summoning her to the meeting.
"I was having a rather nice nap until you so rudely awoke me. Can't you show some empathy? Come on. What have I been summoned for?"
Earth's guttural, booming voice again echoed through the distance, rebounding from several distanced walls. "These two are at unrest once more. It seems that the more time carries on, the more our aggravation expands. We will learn to loathe and despise one another as this develops, which is why it must be mended."
"And, and, you made a tornado on the farms again, Air!" Nature buted in, interrupting Air before she could even comment.
"You... what?" Earth questioned. "Air, why have you not told me this until now?"
"I told you we had to have a meeting, remember?! You should have known what it was about!" Nature replied in a spoiled tone, receiving frowns and raised eyebrows from the other elementals.
"Air. Why create a tornado and interfere with humanity? We only create disasters such as those when the time calls for it."
"I do it a lot, actually. And it isn't just me. Water here has done over three tsunamis in the last ten years. Fire has a super volcano ready to detonate at any moment. Electricity even makes stor-" Air quickly cut herself off as Fire stealthily kicked her in her form's shin, forcing her to stay silent to avoid getting Electricity in trouble.
Towering above the other elementals by likely a considerable amount, Earth hefted a limb and implanted his fist into the ground, spraying the surrounding area with debris-like chunks of earth which spiraled from its position and into the water. Its glowing eyes of magma drifted to divert its full attention to each of the elementals, sparing a second's glance at each. "Remember the last time our arguments reached inconceivable levels. Will we begin it again? Or shall we remain passive and cautious?"
"Hm. I rather quite like their bickering." A mysterious voice rang out, shocking and scaring each of the elementals. Never before have they heard an unknown voice. 'A new element?' Earth thought to himself. 'No, the only two elements that haven't drifted apart have been Air and Fire, and they've already combined before to form Electricity...'
"Who the hell is that?!" Fire shouted, borrowing the term 'hell' from her strong connection with humanity.
"I... don't know..." Water panicked, darting around in a frenzy in a mad attempt to search for the voice. "Fire, I swear to god if this is some kind of foolery..."
"Oh, lighten up. You've never heard an element such as I before? Why don't I introduce myself..."
Quickly, a cloud of black smoke came up from the planet, along with sludge and waste. Swirling around, it formed a grey-skinned male form wearing pollution-black clothing. An awful smell, or energy aura in elemental terms, filled the area.
"I am Corrosion. I don't think we've been properly introduced." The figure smiled, a sinister glare in his eyes.
"Silence, insufferable wretch. We do not WISH for a proper introduction to one such as yourself. You dare invade our..." his voice trailed off, realizing that the stench radiating from the entity filled him with a feeling of dread and utmost corruption. Except, the 'corruption' neglected to further expand. It was more a warping and deformation of his emotions. He willed himself not to speak.
"Why not bring the whole party along? It's clear I'm not wanted, but maybe the others have a different opinion?" Corrosion replied, a manipulative tone clear in his voice.
Misty substance encircled the area almost instantaneously. Although, the mist appeared to have some relative significance. 'Could it be?' an astonished Water pondered. 'No...It cannot...Can it?' Water was uncertain until the mist coalesced into a vague representation of a humanoid, albeit with minor or major influential alterations. A mocking snicker resonated from the shimmery form.
"A bit slow on the uptake, father?" a feminine voice jeered leisurely, the hands of the form extending with claw-like edges. "As expected from one so dull." she laughed again. "Has your confidence been shattered, yet? Have you faltered? If so, congratulations. If not, why? We all know that you will inevitably be the first to relent, as it has always been."
"Ice..." Water groaned, rolling his eyes at the aggressive and exaggerated form she chose for herself.
Quickly a crackle shocked around the elementals, then a bolt. In the bolt of lightning a figure formed, one of navy blues and electric purples. More wild and wavy than Water or Fire's  forms, the figure flashed between female and male before forming half of its form as male and the other half as female.
"A new element? How? Better yet, why? I don't trust... it." Electricity said, quickly walking up to Corrosion and eyeing the tar-clothed man up and down. Electricity's voice echoed, half of it being feminine, and half being masculine. Regularly there would be a flicker in his body, flashing one of the halves into a full form for a few moments before reverting back.
"Leave him be, Electricity. This is so typical. A new element is formed, and they get picked on." Ice poked in, glaring toward Water as she finished her sentance. "Even their parents..."
"Oh, but dear Ice, I have no parents. In a way, you're all my parents. The pollution from humans and Fire, the death from natural disasters, the stones that wither from time, the rotting bodies of plants and animals alike..." Corrosion replied.
Crystalline-esque formations began to erupt from the sea, which commenced its transformation into solid ice. "Cute. And really marvelous. But I'm not at all tempted to sway from my current doings. They're far too entertaining." Corrosion smiled, unafraid of the structures.
"We can't harm him even if we wants to." Earth said with a stern look on his face. "Remember the Element Wars?"
All four original elements nodded in agreement and silent remourse, while the children elements gasped and went wide-eye at the mention of the event they had only ever heard stories about.
A smooth stream of molten silver slithered up, forming into the shape of a woman with a bored and unmoving expression on her face. Her form was shorter than Fire but taller than Nature, and her platinum white hair ended in jagged edges and points. Her hair was extremely long, stopping just before her legs but being long enough to drop past her lower back.
"Why would we even want to harm him." Metal said in a dull, blunt, and monotone voice, with her question lacking any hints of being a question and thus coming off as more of a statement than a question. "All he did was introduce himself. So what if he's artificially created. I represent an artificial element too." Metal continued, her voice again being completely monotone.
"Yes, Metal, but you're-" Fire cut herself off, staring into Metal's half-closed bored looking expression. "You're-" She cut herself off once more, growing agitated and slightly weirded out by the blank expression. "Would you sotp that?!"
"What Fire is trying to say, Metal, is that your respective element existed before you came into existence. Small in number, yes, but still in existence. When Fire and Earth combined their elements to form you, all it did was seperate Earth's juristiction over ore and Fire's juristiction over molten metals and give those respective abilities to you." Water explained.
"And Corrosion forming without an element's interference makes this different somehow." Metal replied again in a monotonous tone, her 'question' once again lacking any inquisitive sounds to it and coming off as a sarcastic statement instead.
"It does, Metal!" Water replied, his wave-like body beginning to crash and move wildly like a tsunami or hurricane.
"If you say so."
"Oh, are you trying to start a fight? I'll give you a fight. Right now!" Water shouted, his body waving forward like a tsunami and a whip of water striking forward and knocking Metal back.
"Please don't."
"Shut UP!" Water shouts again, sending a wave crashing down on top of metal.
"Stop it, Water. You can't harm Metal anymore than Metal can harm you." Earth said while walking in front of the strike, deflecting it entirely. "Or at the very least, you can't kill her."
"Sometimes I wish we could kill each other..." Fire mumbled under her breath, looking away from the fight. Quickly, Water dashed over and stared her in the eye.
"Take it back."
"Do you wish you could kill me?"
Water, shocked and slightly hurt, slowly slid away. "You take Air away from me... and now you pretty much tell me you don't even like me in the slightest?" Water asked, his waves calming down to a remourseful splash every now and then.
Rumbling distantly exited the still gaping chasm from which Earth had ascended. "You have all forgotten our truce, then...Forsaken...You have committed such an atrocity...How dare you do so under the will of the earth, which crumbles and consumes below your very beings, slowly engulfing the world."
"I'm sorry, Earth. I didn't mean to lash out. It's just that the others..."
"Oh, us? That's your problem? I didn't take Air away from you, I just loved her more." Fire growled, a blue flame lighting up on her right arm. With a sudden throwing motion, the ball of flame struck out and burnt through Water's chest.
Water's chest quickly reformed, and he turned around in a hurry. "Fire, enough!"
A sudden blast of lightning struck Earth's form and singed it, Electricity arcing the lightning between his fingers. "Don't tell us what to do. You may be the oldest, but you don't know best. Neither do you, Water."
"Are you all this unstable? All I did was introduce myself." Corrosion stated, a black puff from the lightning strike quickly sticking to his skin and clothes.
"I may not be an artificial element, but I know very well that Corrosion isn't the cause of your bickering. I'm with him." Ice added.
Quickly, bickering erupted between all the elements as they foolishly chose sides. The world would never be the same.
The elements split off as a unified force that day. Their bickering and the sudden appearance of Corrosion, an element born from humanity and damage to the other elements, forced them to choose sides.
Metal and Ice understood Corrosion's plight, and joined forces with him to create the faction known as the Federation of Elements United.
Fire, Air, and Electricity felt betrayed due to being unable to express their wild and individual natural selves, and so formed the Storm Coalition.
Earth, Water, and Nature chose to create the Natural Alliance in an attempt to preserve peace and their respective elements.
With elements being unable to harm themselves, they chose to fight from the shadows. Creating new beings known as Elementals, these human-like creatures could blend in and fight for their respective faction or element from the shadows, unbeknownst to humanity.
Whoever wins the war, would gain total and absolute power over the planet to do as they please. That was the deal. A deal that would long be remembered.
Elementals are a race created by the elements to wage their war for them. They appear nearly identical to humans, save for the occasional odd eye or hair color which they can brush off as aesthetic choices like hair dye or contact lenses.
The most interesting thing about an elemental, however, is their ability to manipulate one of the elements of the world in a certain way. While no elemental possesses elemental manipulation, they do possess a form of elemental powers in one way or another. These can range from Pyroportion, to an Earth Aura, all the way to Electricity Bolts.
All elementals, however, possess enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, agility, and endurance. Something all elementals do not possess, however, is a londoner accent, instead the elementals varying in accent and ethnicity.
(If you're confused on whether a certain power falls under what element, just ask me and I'll be sure to clear things up for you.)
The events of the RP take place in London, 2018. The site of London, before humanity existed, was the very birthplace of the original four. Due to its significance, the elements chose to use it for their shadow war to decide the ruling faction of the world.
An element is a being which represents a certain material or energy within the physical world. Despite technically being genderless, once life other than the elements themselves came into being, the elements mimiced and copied these lifeforms and chose genders to identify themselves as.
Two elements can reproduce and create a child element by fusing their respective elements, but this process forces both elements to sacrifice their rulership on a specific energy or subset of a material and give these to the new element to control.
While technically immortal, elements can be harmed and lose strength and energy if the material or energy they represent is polluted or damaged. Elements can, however, inflict minor damage on one another via their forms, but they cannot do much more than blunt force and minor scrapes.
Earth: Generally of a humanoid stature, Earth is comprised entirely of boulders and ground with glowing eyes of magma radiating an excessive heat. It is the oldest and likely wisest element, however sluggish and lacking hostility. Earth remained steadily neutral during the duration of most conflicts which erupted over time, rarely becoming involved and instead observing rather than thoughtlessly acting. While elements technically lack any form of gender, Earth identifies as male and thus shapes his form accordingly. His facial features can best be described as square and chisled, matching his status as the element of Earth.
Fire: One of the shorter elements, Fire chooses the form of a woman composed entirely of fire for her form. While her form is technically composed of flames, Fire makes faux-clothing and hair much like Water does. Being the second oldest element, Fire is ironically one of the least mature of the original four. Due to her element being strengthened by coal burning and man-made fires, Fire often gets into disputes with the others due to them weakening from the very same things that strengthen Fire. Fire will often burn brighter and lose a humanoid form for a few seconds when very agitated, her flames, hands, and ponytail turning blue and untamed. Fire is in a relationship with Air.
Air: An elegent but also fearsome element, Air is swift and hardworking but equally as loving and compassionate. Much like Earth and unlike the other elements, Air's form is without clothing composed of her element and thus she always appears to be in the nude. Air's form resembles a slender and tall woman with long, flowing hair, but as she is composed of wind the form appears to be more of a thick outline than a humanoid form. Despite Fire's antics often causing damage to Air's domain, Air is deeply in love with Fire and vice-versa.
Water: The youngest of the original four, Water compensates for this by being an extreme perfectionist and completionist. A strong opposite to Earth, Water is vocal in his issues and rarely neutral in any form of dispute. Water's form, despite his general disliking of humanity, is the most human of the original four. Water could easily pass off as a blue human, as he expertly compresses his form into human-like density. Despite his overall human appearance, complete with an azure blue vest composed of denser waters, Water ripples like gelatin or the ocean when touched or especially agitated. Water apparently once had a relationship with Air, but after Ice was created the two drifted apart, eventually Air finding a liking to Fire.
Ice:  The oldest of the four child elements, Ice was the result of Water and Air fusing their energies to create a new element. Unlike the other elements, Ice has no care for the earth, her domain, or even humanity. Also unlike the others, Ice's form is barely humanoid, her hands extending into razor sharp claws and her shimmery form being lined with crystaline structures and jagged icicles. Ice has an intense disliking of the original four, especially Water, who she feels abandoned her and never loved her.
Electricity: Technically two consciousnesses in one element, Electricity is composed of two parts; Positive, an upbeat and masculine consciousness, and Negative, a depressive and feminine consciousness. Electricity often has disputes with itself due to its two halves disagreeing, but one thing both sides can agree on is their love and loyalty for their parents; Fire and Air. Electricity's form, much like Nature and Metal, is incredibly humanoid and composed of a flesh-like substance matching the color of its element. Electricity's form, however, differs in that it crackles with indigo lightning almost constantly and possesses jellyfish-like stingers of the same lightning all over its body. Electricity regularly 'zaps' between Positive and Negative, but is split down the middle when the two are in agreement.
Nature: An immature element resembling a young girl, Nature is the bratty and manipulative daughter of Earth. While technically having a second parent, Water, Earth has worked hard to keep her from finding out about this due to Water only having Nature to make Air jealous. Nature secretly harbours an intense hatred of humanity, but doesn't act upon it due to Earth's insistence she should remain neutral in such matters. Nature's form is fleshy and nearly human in appearance, but her skin is a shade of pistachio green and has several patches of moss and thorns growing out of it. Nature has long, jungle green hair, which seems to be composed of grass or vines. Despite being older than Metal, Nature is the youngest element in terms of appearance and voice, her body being no more mature than a human child.
Metal: The youngest of the children of the original four, Metal is stoic to a degree Earth an't even match. Never showing any emotion and constantly speaking in a dull, monotone voice, Metal can easily come off as sarcastic, rude, or bored. Because of her unrelatable, closed off personality, not even her parent elements, Earth and Fire, can understand her thought processes. Metal's form is shorter than Fire, but taller than Nature, thus making her the second shortest of the elements. Metal is the only element to appear to have human skin, but upon closer inspection her skin is actually made of polished rosegold. Metal has long, jagged, silver hair that stops just above her ankles, giving her the longest hair of all the elements. Metal's form is almost always manifested in a long, platinum nightgown which drags behind her feet. On top of this, her lack of an iris and completely grey colored eyes are usually half closed by Metal's heavy grey eyelids, giving her the appearance of being tired or having just woken up.
Corrosion: The only child element without parents,Corrosion is far more like the original four in that regard than the child elements. Apparently born from pollution, decay and other byproducts of humanity, Corrosion's appearance is indirectly responsible for the elements splitting off into different factions. Corrosion is under the belief that everything must come to an end; even the other elements. Corrosion's form has caustic, timberwolf grey skin, which is clothed and covered in tar-colored and smokey looking clothing. Corrosion's form's clothing is more like a human's than the other element's 'clothes', his outfit being composed of charcoal grey jeans made of decayed, rotted materials, and a taupe jacket made of dried tar.
Natural Alliance: The Natural Alliance is a faction compsed of Earth, Water, and Nature. Their ideals focus on preserving the elements and remaining neutral in human affairs, handling disputes, power struggles, and other such matters via the use of elementals. Its founder is Earth.
Storm Coalition: The Storm Coalition is a faction composed of Fire, Air, and Electricity. Their ideals focus on flaunting their power and ensuring humanity benefits them, using natural disasters and the like out of boredom or a need to thin out human populations. Its founder is Fire.
Federation of Elements United (FNU): The Federation of Elements United is a faction composed of Corrosion, Metal, and oddly enough, Ice. Their ideals focus on new elements usurping the others, assisting humanty in their plights and creation of new materials, and the eventual death and mortality of all things. Its founder is Corrosion.
No godmodding. Examples of this is dodging every attack of an opponent, refusing to stay down after being intensely wounded, or excessive use of power you shouldn't have access to.
No metagaming. Metagaming is when a player speaks about knowledge their character shouldn't have, the excessive control of important NPC characters, or the killing off or defeat of major NPC characters. Metagaming can also applying to instantly appearing to another character with no build up, but this is more just bad character writing.
No Mary Sues. These are characters with a combination of metagaming, godmodding, an overly tragic past, and an overall 2-dimensional personality.
Your elemental must be a matching element of the faction the elemental is in. A certain air elemental residing in the Natural Alliance I mentioned in the plot is a rare exception.
No elemental embodiment or element manipulation abilities. Elementals have subsets of elemental manipulation, such as geokinetic weaponry or electrical bolt projection. but not the control of the element in its entirety.
No non-human skintones. Hair or eye-color can be brushed off as aesthetic contact lenses and hairdye, but when you walk around 24/7 with purple skin, people are gonna suspect something's up.
The admins of the roleplay are me, Consteliation, and SirBookington. Levian is a minimod (Can only accept or deny character sheets and is overall a normal player).
If you read these rules, put 'Jalapeno' in 'Other'.
Alias: (An elemental has no true 'name'.)
Biography: (Keep in mind you've only existed for a year, and that's at the oldest.)
-consteliattion not giftedhorse
Corrosion (An element born from pollution) MALE
Water MALE
Earth MALE
Ice (Water and Air's child) FEMALE
Nature (Water and Earth's child) FEMALE
Metal (Earth and Fire's child) FEMALE
Electricity (Fire and Air's child) MALE
Nature's Alliance: Earth, Water, Nature
Storm Coalition: Fire, Air, Electricity
Federation of Elements United: Corrosion, Metal, Ice