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Welcome to the Brightest Night Challenge! 
Electrification lead to an extended use of artificial lightning in houses and on the streets. This causes and ever growing light pollution of the night sky. Brightest Night will provide an intensities map of the worldwide skies with a globally distributed sensor grid formed by webcams and other optical devices. The infrastructure for this grid is provided by the Constellation Platform, a distributed computing network, where home computers of volunteers are used for citizen sciences and where the webcams will be attached to.
The challenge will contain: * creating the scientific basics for analyzing the sensor data (light intensity, star constellation visibility, etc) * coding the application for the scientific measurement * finding open-source or creating adequate drivers for webcams * establishing ways to calibrate the optical devices * development of weather resistant housings and casings for external/outdoor usage of webcams under any conditions * visualization of the measurement data on the user's pc (screensaver) * visualization of the measurement data on a global map.
The grid hardware infrastructure can be expanded for usage to measure quick lightning changes of thunderstrikes, daylight times or sky colors during auroras and their chemical compositions.
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